This is the famous Barry Wood Colt #3 Folder, with dark color micarta handles. This is the strongest, safest clasp knife you’ll ever see. It is strong and safe because of its oversized hinge and locking pins. It’s brazed together with stainless and beryllium copper structure. Because it’s unique design, this is the first real advance in pocket knives in over a century. Ounce for ounce and inch for inch, the Colt 3 is more knife than anything else made. Comes complete with original Barry Wood tube with red caps and original paper work from Barry Wood. Barry used red caps and tubes for the first 4 months. Then he moved over to boxes and sheaths. Due to the grading system of some recent buyers, I am no longer listing knives as "Mint". This knife comes pretty close though, never used, carried or sharpened. 

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Barry Wood (1925-2014) Colt Folder #3 with Red Tube & Papers

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