This is a beautiful Don Huffman Custom folder with 2 blades. Don loved making old time patterns knives from the 1920’s. If you remember, Bob Cargill at Cripple Creek Cutlery made the same type of knives.  This knife has two blades made of AST-34 and nickel silver bolsters and liners. The serial number on this knife is 01. This knife is 4 1/4 inches long when closed and 7 1/2 inches long when the main blade is fully opened. Both blades sit deep and well centered when closed. This knife has beautifully red jigged handles and the walk and talk on this knife is perfect. The fit and finish on this knife is on par with anything that Jess Horn or Frank Centofante made. Comes with a black zippered pouch. Due to the grading system of some recent buyers, I am no longer listing knives as "Mint". This knife comes pretty close though, never used, carried or sharpened. 

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Don Huffman Custom Knife with 2 Blades and Red Jigged Handles

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  • $300.00

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